Hair Care

The hair care market is continually advancing, with innovation being fundamental to meet the assorted and complex needs of customers. Our broad extend of quality ingredients provide high-performance and multifunctional benefits, helping you to formulate hair care products that fulfill desires of the present day consumer.

With a global team of hair care specialists, we set up strategies that are one of a kind to Sensient. Coupled with our broad hair care application technologists, we are on hand to help in each viewpoint of product formulation to help you meet the specialized needs of your customers. 

Damage Care

Between coloring, styling and sun exposure, hair care quite often comes down to repair—or better yet, damage prevention. Sensibiopro R® is a biomimetic combination of hydrolyzed proteins to reinforce hair barrier structure. It is also heat activated, ideal for the development of thermo activated products that protect against damage from high temperatures and treat weakened hair by restoring resistance and softness. 



Sensistyle® Curl Relaxer uses the enzymes found in pineapple and papaya, this naturally derived product relaxes most curl types by softening and nourishing hair to gently reduce volume. It also presents huge chemical compatibility with the chemicals available at market (hydroxides, thiols acids, hair dyes and bleaching).  

Color Protection

Sensishield®, a powerful phyto-active bringing UV protection for dyed hair. It is composed of green tea botanical extracts obtained by the patented, 100% water-based process, PhytoClean™. Sensishield® has antioxidant properties from polyphenols and caffeine that fight free radicals’ attacks on hair, along with catechins that provide superior UV protection. 


Our natural and non-volatile silicone replacement, Natpure® Feel M-Eco, adds a lovely touch to cosmetics and skin care products by delivering the conditioning and moisturizing benefits of esters with the lightness of silicone in a refreshingly natural emollient. 

Scalp Care

Sensishield® Scalp is an active that can be used to formulate for scalp care, powered by PhytoClean™ technology. In addition to protecting the scalp from the harmful effects of the sun, this guayusa extract offers antioxidant action—which may help with color degradation caused by oxidative stress—and preserves the hair fiber. 

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