Emollient Esters & Wax Esters Blends

Emollient esters are extremely versatile personal care ingredients that helps maintain skin’s softness and plasticity by forming a semi-occlusive film that provides moisturizing benefits.  It can reduce the itching sensation often present in dry skin, and improve the appearance of the skin’s outer layer.  As components of personal care formulations, emollient esters act as moisturizers and sensory modifiers when applied.

The capabilities of emollient esters does not stop as simply as a functional ingredient used for moisturization.  Emollient esters are excellent pigment dispersants for color cosmetics and sun care formulations.  Hair care formulations can also benefit from emollient esters as they have the capability of conditioning hair and providing shine.

Finally, the most exciting attributes of emollient esters is the variety of esters that can be synthesized.  The selection of the starting carboxylic acid and alcohol has a significant effect on such properties as refractive index, dielectric constant, spreadability, melt point (for ester waxes) and solubility.  These technical properties contribute to both tactile and post application appearance.

Sensient offers single component emollient esters with varying sensorial attributes, unique and synergistic ester blends, and ester wax blends for skin care, hair care, and color cosmetics.  We strive to produce esters with consistent sensory properties; and are constantly expanding our Natpure® Feel line to address the desire for natural ingredients in personal care formulations.  Find more products here.