Wie natürliche Verdickungsmittel und Filmbildner die Hautpflegeformulierungen aufwerten

Elevate the sensorial experience of skincare and makeup

Ask any skincare aficionado and they will describe the texture of skincare and makeup as one of the main factors why they choose (or not choose) a particular product. With skincare and makeup, the saying of “you eat with your eyes first” can be to adapted to “you beautify with your senses first”. The tactile experience of applying a product is often as important as its visual appeal.

Thickeners and film formers play a pivotal role in the formulation of skincare and makeup products. Thickeners, with their unique ability to add body and viscosity, give lotions and creams a richer, more indulgent texture. They help products spread smoothly across the skin, making application effortless and enjoyable. On the other hand, film formers create a delicate yet protective layer on the skin’s surface, imparting a lightweight and silky feel to makeup products. This barrier not only enhances makeup adherence but also contributes to a velvety finish that lasts throughout the day. Together, these ingredients elevate the texture of skincare and makeup, ensuring that every touch and application becomes a luxurious sensory experience, setting the stage for a flawless and long-lasting beauty routine.

Ahead, we explore Sensient Beauty’s range of natural thickeners and film formers that elevate the sensorial experience of makeup and skincare application.


COVAGEL is an exceptional natural texturing agent derived from potatoes, and brings a touch of innovation and luxury to the world of cosmetics. This versatile ingredient is a game-changer in skincare and makeup formulations, offering a wide array of benefits that cater to modern consumer preferences and regulatory standards.

One of COVAGEL’s standout qualities is its ability to create powdery, highly cooling sensory experiences with a velvet finish. This makes it a fantastic choice for formulators looking to craft products that provide a smooth, silky feel upon application. COVAGEL’s compatibility with both aqueous gels high in ethanol content or glycol and its knack for instantly thickening with water. Formulators can effortlessly craft unique textures, from translucent mousse-like bouncy sensations to transformative textures that possess a soft skin feel, ensuring an enjoyable and indulgent user experience.

COVAGEL’s technical properties are equally impressive. Its natural origin from potatoes aligns perfectly with the demand for clean and sustainable beauty products. This ingredient forms capsules that collapse with shear, contributing to its exceptional thickening and texturizing capabilities. Moreover, COVAGEL’s high compatibility with ethanol ensures it seamlessly integrates into a wide range of cosmetic formulations, enhancing their overall performance.


Frisch gefrostetes After-Sun-Gel - SCT2302

The Fresh Frosted After-Sun Gel is the ultimate companion for post-sun rejuvenation. Crafted with a natural composition exceeding 95%, this gel harnesses the power of COVAGEL and COVACRYL MV60 to deliver an exceptionally fresh and soothing experience. This innovative blend ensures that skin receives the utmost care, offering a refreshing and revitalizing touch that’s perfect for restoring skin’s natural balance and vitality.

Sorbet-Masken-Peeling - SCT 6335-2 SCF

Specially crafted to exfoliate and condition both your lips and face, the Sherbet Mask Scrub incorporates NATPURE SOL SL, a Cosmos compliant emulsifier, to create a high internal phase oil within a polyol gel. With the remarkable assistance of COVAGEL, an instant thickener derived from potato starch, this product seamlessly transforms from oil to gel upon contact with your skin. Its naturally derived color, achieved through NATPURE XFINE CARROT BC 314, adds a touch of vibrancy while SENSISORB CF+ ensures color stability, guaranteeing an enjoyable and effective skincare routine that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Natpure Zellgummi Plus

NATPURE CELLGUM PLUS is a co-processed blend of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and cellulose gum (CMC), derived from tree fibers, offering a host of valuable attributes for cosmetic formulations. This innovative ingredient stands out for its thixotropic nature and exceptional suspending properties. Its INCI name, Microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum, encapsulates its unique composition, which combines MCC and cellulose gum to create a versatile and easy-to-use additive.

From a technical perspective, NATPURE CELLGUM PLUS co-processed fibers with cellulose gum facilitate effortless processing, making it an ideal choice for formulators seeking convenience without compromising on quality. Its compatibility with thickeners and impressive emulsifying properties, requiring only 0.5% NATPURE SOL, make it a versatile ingredient in various cosmetic applications. Moreover, it excels in stabilizing emulsions containing pigments, pearls, and powders, ensuring consistent and long-lasting product performance.

The cosmetic benefits of NATPURE CELLGUM PLUS are equally noteworthy. Its thixotropic nature makes it perfect for creating sprayable gel formulations that provide a unique user experience. When sprayed from a distance, it delivers a misty, refreshing sensation, while closer application to the skin transforms it into a smooth, non-sticky gel. This light texture and non-sticky skin feel make it an excellent choice for a wide range of skincare products, including cream gels, mists, sheet masks, wet wipes, serums, and creams, offering formulators the flexibility to craft innovative and user-friendly formulations.

Natürliche Sprühmilch - SCT1804A SCF

The Natural Sprayable Milk combines natural ingredients to create a stable and easily sprayable milk with a delightful, fresh sensation upon application. Enhancing the formulation’s texture and application, 2% of NATPURE CELLGUM PLUS ensures stability and an ideal consistency. SERICITE GZ0021 adds a touch of luxury, resulting in a more slippery texture that glides smoothly onto the skin, delivering a truly enjoyable and nourishing skincare experience.

Tautropfen-Serum - SCT6134A SCF

The Dew Drop Serum boasts a water-releasing jelly-like texture, achieved through the innovative use of NATPURE CELLGUM PLUS, making it a standout in the world of skincare. As you apply it to your skin, the thixotropic properties of this remarkable thickener work their magic, transforming the texture to provide a refreshing and pleasant sensation. To complement this, NATPURE SOL SL, a natural solubilizer, efficiently emulsifies oils with a minimal dosage, resulting in an overall lightweight and comfortable skin feel. To top it off, NATPURE FILM AP adds a firming effect, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and firmer with every drop.

Natpure Film AP und Natpure Film GR

NATPURE FILM AP is a natural sugar-based film-forming agent that boasts an array of unique properties. Composed of Pullulan, Sorbitol, Trehalose, and Acacia gum, this ingredient is derived from natural sources and presents itself in powder form. Its innovative production process harmoniously blends biofermentation and surface coating technology, resulting in a versatile ingredient with a multitude of applications in the cosmetics industry.

One of the standout characteristics of NATPURE FILM AP is its low viscosity, which remains consistent even when incorporated into formulations. This ensures that the product’s texture is not compromised during development. Additionally, it demonstrates exceptional dispersibility in water, making it user-friendly for formulators. This film-forming agent yields a shiny, transparent, and supple film with a quick drying time. It exhibits remarkable elasticity and suppleness, all while maintaining a non-transferable property and high sheer resistance. Furthermore, when used in mascara bases, it offers compatibility with vibrating and rotating mascaras, providing a customizable rheological profile. In hair care applications, such as gels, sprays, waxes, or emulsions, NATPURE FILM AP imparts a shiny, transparent, and flexible film, making it a valuable addition to styling products.

NATPURE FILM GR is an upcycled natural resin derived from pine, specifically Glyceryl Rosinate. This versatile ingredient finds applications in skincare, makeup, and hair care due to its remarkable film-forming properties. It creates a continuous film on skin, hair, or nails, offering gloss and emollient benefits. Glyceryl Rosinate functions as both an emollient and an emulsifier, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of cosmetic formulations.

What sets NATPURE FILM GR apart is its sustainable origin. Sourced from pine trees in Finland and China, it is based on PEFC-certified forests, ensuring that it is natural and eco-friendly without compromising on performance. With a natural origin of 99%, it aligns with ISO 16128 standards. Pine’s inherent water-resistant properties make it an ideal film former for various cosmetic products, providing long-lasting wear and reducing product transfer. This ingredient is particularly well-suited for sun care products like sunscreens and eye lash products like mascara. Its water-resistant, sebum-resistant, and shear-resistant properties, coupled with a superior shiny effect, make it a valuable addition to skincare, sun care, color cosmetics, and hair care formulations where durability and water resistance are essential.

Elevate the sensory experience and textures of your skincare and makeup products with the magic of natural film formers and thickeners. Discover the transformative potential of these eco-conscious ingredients and craft formulations that delight the senses and captivate your audience. Contact us to find out more.

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